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Rent First Before You Buy in Panama City Beach

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Panama City Beach is a wonderful place to live but it’s also a great place to rent a condominium. We have so many vacation spots, condo buildings, and timeshare property is that it becomes a tourists delight. Well, one of the best things about vacationing in Panama City Beach is the chance to rent a…

What Will $300,000 Get You on the Beach in Panama City Beach?

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$300,000 it’s kind of the median or average price for a condominium or home in Panama City Beach. A little further west along scenic 30 A you can find coastal villages with condominiums and homes that easily stretch over $2 million, but in Panama City Beach most people are looking for either a vacation condominium…

Best Condo Buying Advice from Buyers and Agents

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Buying a condominium is different than a single-family house, especially if you plan on a vacation condominium or second home. Because we specialize in Panama City Beach condominiums we want our buyers to be fully aware of the process and steps involved in buying a condo. After years of research and experience here’s probably some…

5 Popular Renovations for Condo Rentals

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If you’re planning on updating your investment rental property there are some things that have more value than others. Here are some quick tips for some of the best and most popular renovations for rental condos. #1. Full facelift for the kitchen. The kitchen is really the heart of the home and most renters and…

Making the Most of your Condo Renovation Space

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So many condominium buildings throughout Panama City Beach, homeowners are bound to make some renovations and changes over the years. If you own a condo and you are looking at renovating it for either yourself or for renting out, here are some easy ways to maximize the most of your space. While most of the…