4 Things to Know About Buying a Beach House

4 Things to Know About Buying a Beach House

4 Things to Know About Buying a Beach House

There are a lot of beach houses all up and down Panama City in Panama City Beach so if you’re considering one of these oceanfront homes it’s important to know the details and some of the advantages and disadvantages of a beachfront home. Here are four things to know about buying a beach house.

#1. Insurance rates.

The higher the risk the higher the insurance premiums and a beachfront or oceanfront property can be higher risk. You might be prone to flooding, erosion, or storms so it’s important to know how much more you’ll be paying for an oceanfront or beachfront house.

#2. Construction and foundation.

You’ll want a coastal home as weatherproof as possible so buying a home on a foundation or built on stilts could change your homeowner’s insurance and maintenance in the future. The best building materials for beachfront homes typically include concrete and naturally durable wood. Many of these homes can stand high winds and heavy rain better than wood frame houses. Talk to your real estate agent about the construction and your homeowner’s insurance on the best materials to be looking for.

#3. Window durability.

Impact windows are a huge thing in Panama City Beach and all up and down the Gulf Coast. Choosing a home with durable impact windows can protect your investment from wind damage and debris during hurricanes and severe storms.

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#4. Outdoor living area or access.

You probably want a beach home to enjoy the beach or at least the view so make sure the home has a respectable outside living space such as a patio, porch, rooftop patio, or access to the beach or recreational space. Make sure you’re getting a beachfront home to enjoy all the things you want out of oceanfront property.

Buying a beachfront home or even a condominium is a great investment and can offer income in the off-season or when you are not using it. There are plenty of homes and properties all throughout Panama City Beach and it’s a great vacation spot for tourists and spring breakers. If you’re looking for the perfect beachfront home either on scenic 30 A highway or in a condominium building along the beach, give us a call with your search criteria and price and we would be happy to offer a complete list of properties currently for sale.