There are a lot of myths and misconceptions out there about real estate but here are probably the top five.

#1. Real estate agents’ jobs are not selling homes.5 Misconceptions You Might Have About Real Estate

Real estate is not about selling a house even though a real estate agent facilitates the sale between a buyer and a seller. The real estate agents are really selling themselves. You can go on any one of thousands of websites across the country and the world and find a real estate agent. You can even go to some of the big real estate websites out there and track down an agent but what makes you choose one agent over the other? It’s how they market themselves and brand their marketing. Why would someone choose one agent over another? That’s what real estate really is about.

#2. Real estate is not like you see it on TV.

This is not reality TV. There are so many shows out there that show real estate and how glamorous and exciting it is, especially with celebrity clients, but the reality is most agents never work with celebrities and most of the time it’s normal people, first-time homebuyers, and just a good old folks making a living trying to achieve that American dream. And… That’s the most rewarding thing of all.

#3. No one likes to work with a new agent.

We all have to get our feet wet at sometimes and we’ve all had our very first transaction, but unfortunately, working with a brand-new agent just doesn’t have the experience that a seasoned and skilled agent of 20 years has. Yes, we have to go through continuing education and pass a test to become a real estate agent, but nothing beats the experience of being on the job and literally selling hundreds of homes over the course of decades.

#4. Cold calling is not the only way to get clients.

Sure, you’re going to have real estate agents knocking on your door, mailing you flyers, and just picking up the phone and cold calling, but that’s not the only way to get business. With SEO (search engine optimization), social media marketing, blogging, and face-to-face contact, marketing yourself is easier than ever. There are so many different ways to go as a real estate agent that you don’t just have to stick with picking up the phone. You’ll find the best agent from a variety of different sources.

#5. Part-time versus full-time.

There are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of part-time real estate agent that just got their license and they could buy or sell a property for themselves or their friends and family. If you are serious about getting the most for your home or finding the right home for your needs and your budget, go with a full-time real estate agent. This is an agent that has experience, full-time skills, and has the time to work with you without being conflicted with another daytime job.

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