Areas You Will Want to Clean Before Moving In

Areas You Will Want to Clean Before Moving In

Whether you are purchasing brand new construction and you are the first person to live in your new home, or you are buying something that you plan to update and pour some TLC into you will want to clean your new home before officially moving into it.  

There are some areas you will want to make sure you pay special attention to especially if you are purchasing a home that was previously lived in.  

Start by Gathering Some Supplies Areas You Will Want to Clean Before Moving In

You will want to make sure you have everything you need at the ready to get the job done. Some helpful tools will include:  

  • Rubber gloves 
  • Sponges 
  • Scrubbers 
  • Paper towels 
  • A large amount of cleaning rags (we recommend microfiber cloths)  
  • Vacuum 
  • Broom or Dust Mop depending on if you have hardwood floors 
  • Cleaning solutions 
  • Empty spray bottles if you plan to mix up some green cleaners 
  • Step ladder 
  • Trash Bags 

Important Places to Clean 

Give some special attention to these areas of your home and it will be ready to move all of your belongings and loved ones into for your next chapter in life.  

  • Bathroom: This a very important area to focus on as it is one of the most used rooms in the home, next to the kitchen, and can be home to some pretty yucky germs.  

-Work from the Top Down: clean out the ceiling fan, dust the corners, and clean up light fixtures 

-Windows: if there is a window, open it up to let some fresh air in while you clean and give some good attention to the sill especially inside the area the window sits when its closed. Finish up by cleaning the glass. 

– Cabinets and Drawers: Give everything a quick and detailed wipe down 

-Toilet: Give it a good clean and if the home is not brand new replace the toilet seat. 

-Bath/Shower: Give the tub a good scrub with a mild abrasive cleaner as well as the shower surround paying extra attention to corners. 

-Tile/Stone: Consider having these deep cleaned and sealed by a professional before move in 

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  • Kitchen: The most used room in the home. You will want to make sure it is clean and ready to go for constant everyday use.  

-Start with the ceiling and walls: clean light fixtures, check above the stove area for grease. Give the backsplash a good scrub. 

– Cabinets: clean inside and outside of the cabinets, paying special attention to any grease stains on the doors. Line the shelves with neutral liners before putting dishes in.  

– Appliances: Set the oven to self-clean while you give the other appliances a good cleaning including all shelves of the fridge and the inside of the dishwasher.  

-Sink: Give the sink a good scouring and don’t forget to freshen up the garbage disposal by grinding up a citrus peel in there.  

-Floors/Tile/Natural Stone: have these areas deep cleaned and sealed by a professional to ensure they are their cleanest clean and ready to go. 

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  • Floors: floors are especially important to clean. Unless the previous homeowner has communicated that they have had the floors professionally cleaned you will want to do so before moving everything in. Not only is it easier because you don’t have to move heavy furniture around, but it is important to have all carpet, hardwood, tile, or stone flooring professionally deep cleaned once a year to keep it truly clean and in its best shape so it will last much longer.  

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