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Downsizing Can Be Easy with the Right Agent

Well, has it come to that time already? Maybe you just can’t take care of the large property, landscape everything, and manage a big home. Is it getting harder to walk up and downstairs? Do you just not want to have to mow a couple of acres or even your front lawn any longer? Has Billy down the street who used to do it for you go to college? If you’re noticing more and more high maintenance projects popping up around your house, it may be a clear side to downsize.

Why Downsize?

Downsizing can solve so many problems. For starters, downsizing from a multilevel home into a single-story can be one of the biggest reliefs for many homeowners. You no longer have to traipse up and downstairs for laundry, to and from the garage or backdoor, or to and from the bedrooms. Everything is on one level. Downsizing to a single-story house is a great option for many seniors that simply don’t want the stress of potential fall looming over them every day.

Downsizing means you also don’t have to maintain so many rooms in your house. Going from a 2500 square-foot multilevel property to a 1500 ft.² single-story home can be life-changing. No more lugging the vacuum cleaner up and down stairs or even to rooms that don’t exist anymore. It’s a lot simpler to maintain a smaller home that suits your needs and your lifestyle perfectly.

Downsizing to the right neighborhood could mean a low maintenance lot, securely gated entrance, and lots of amenities. With senior housing and gated communities throughout Panama City Beach the options for amenities, community, and security are endless.

Downsizing with the right real estate team means your needs, budget, and timeframe are considered our priority. We can help you prepare, stage, and list your home for sale to meet market standards. We can help you price out your home with what’s comparable on the market today. Market conditions change from month to month and even from neighborhood to neighborhood, so having a real estate team that understands the real estate markets in particular subdivisions and communities is essential to getting the right price.

When it comes to downsizing, don’t stress out; use the right team to help you move on to a more convenient way of life.

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