These are the names we locals have attached to the 3 main arteries primarily used to navigate PCBeach. The other main road is Thomas Drive (different section of the beach). The official names shown on your map or GPS may be different, but just knowing the location of each road and where it goes is about all you need to know.

The FRONT BEACH ROAD (Hwy 98) is obvious. Use it to check in to your accommodations if you are staying on Hwy 98, right on the Gulf or across the street from the Gulf. Most attractions are located on FRONT BEACH ROAD.

The MIDDLE BEACH ROAD is shown as 30C or 30H. It is also known as Hutchison Blvd. This road saves time getting from the area near the eastern Super WalMart to the middle section of PCBeach, where it re-joins FRONT BEACH ROAD again. As you will see on the map, it runs parallel to FRONT BEACH ROAD and can be entered by several streets going away from FRONT BEACH ROAD.

The BACK BEACH ROAD (also shown as Hwy 98 and Panama City Beach Parkway) is the big 4-lane that you will use as you enter the PCBeach area to begin your vacation. It offers many ways to get to FRONT BEACH ROAD and to MIDDLE BEACH ROAD. Use BACK BEACH if you are planning to go from one end of PCBeach to the other during your stay. It’s a big time saver vs. driving along FRONT BEACH ROAD which can occasionally become clogged with traffic, especially on holidays.

By taking a few minutes to view these three arteries on your map or GPS, you’ll get the feel of how these roads can help you navigate a little faster while you are here! Questions about area roads? Contact us Today!

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