Did you know that you can book directly with condominium owners in Panama City Beach Florida? Not only do we sell condominiums perfect for renting out or vacation properties, but we connect directly with owners to rent out properties. Renting is the perfect way to find out the building that you like, the amenities you want, and if owning a condo in Panama City Beach is right for you. So, whether you’re just here on vacation or doing some research for a purchase of your own, it helps to know what condos are renting for along the beach. Of course, the beach or Oceanside will be more expensive than the non-beachside but will give you some ideas for both.How Much Are Condos to Rent in Panama City Beach

Most condo owners will want to talk with you before giving you a quote on our website, but, that doesn’t mean we can’t tell you what some of the current rates are going for.

On the lower end of the spectrum, typically for less than 400 ft.² and a one bedroom or studio, you’re going to be looking at between $75 and $125 per night. Most of these condos will have a small kitchenette and usually a balcony.

For similar condominiums on the beach side around 400 to 500 ft.² and one or two bedrooms, you’re looking at between $100 and $300 a night depending on the building’s amenities and the in-unit amenities. If there are more features inside the unit such as a larger kitchen, dining room, two or more bathrooms, and all amenities such as pots and pans, dishes, and silverware, you’re going to be more on the $200-$300 a night. If you’re just looking for a hotel room without a kitchen and amenities, you’re likely going to spend between $100 and $250 a night. Again, it will be based on the building amenities as well. The more amenities in the higher the condo association fees, the higher-priced of the units will be.

For beachfront properties with three bedrooms, and the capability of sleeping between the six people and 10 people, you’re looking between $250 and $450 a night. Most of these condominiums are between 800 ft.² and 2000 ft.². Larger properties of up to 2500 ft.² may be looking at around $350-$450 per night.

Again, these are all condominiums but single-family houses are also available for rent, typically starting around $350 up to $750. But condominiums, up to 3000 ft.² are going to roughly run between $350 a night and $500 a night.

One more thing to remember, it depends on the time of year. Spring break, towards the end of summer, and the beginning of summer are the most popular booking times, so prices will tend to go up between 10% and 25% over off-peak hours.

So, even though this shows you what prices are throughout the year in Panama City Beach, it’s important to note that if you plan on buying, how much you should be getting back from that. Most monthly mortgage payments plus homeowners dues are between $1500 and $3500 a month. Even if you took the average at about $2500 a month, with a $300 a night rental fee, and you are able to book out 30 days a month, that’s a $9000 gross profit with a $6500 a month net profit. That’s a pretty good deal considering that you can use the property as your own vacation time whenever you want.

So, take a look through our website at condominiums for rent directly from owners and a lot of those that you can purchase and consider renting out yourself. It’s a great investment and you’re not only investing in your financial future but your relaxation as well.