How to Buy a Condo During COVID-19

How to Buy a Condo During COVID-19

Now is a very weird time and because we are living in unprecedented times buying and selling real estate might seem obsolete. But, people still need to buy and sell and there was a lot of Panama City Beach condominiums on the market before this virus broke out. These owners still need to sell. So is it a bad time to purchase real estate?How to Buy a Condo During COVID-19

Actually no. It’s a great time to purchase real estate. Rates have never been lower… Ever, and it’s a great time to consider purchasing a second home or vacation condominium.

Panama City Beach is a popular area for vacationers, spring breakers, and ideal for family vacations. If you’ve been considering a vacation condominium or home away from home, I urge you to consider Panama City Beach.

Many of the residents in Panama City Beach live here on a seasonal basis. They rent out their condominium or townhouse and then enjoy it when they need to or want to take a vacation. There are shops, restaurants, markets, massive amounts of entertainment, nightlife, and of course the beach to keep you and your family entertained for days if not weeks or more.

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Once all of this is over, wouldn’t it be nice to have your own vacation property that you can visit anytime you want in Florida and on the Gulf Coast?   Now would be an excellent time to purchase a condo. There’s plenty to choose from and with our virtual tours, we can give you an in-person idea of what the property looks like, a FaceTime tour driving up to the building, in the lobby, up to the property, and out to the balcony showing you the view you’ll get and what it really looks like to be there in person. Even if you are out of state, our virtual tours can give you the real-life experience of being there.

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Start your online search on our website for free. Browse through all of the current condos for sale in Panama City Beach and if one strikes your fancy, give me a call and I would be happy to tell you a little bit more information about it, condo association dues and what they cover, how far it is within walking distance to some of your favorite hot spots, and how affordable owning a condo in Panama City Beach can really be.

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