Is a Home Inspection Different on a Beachfront Property?


Is a Home Inspection Different on a Beachfront Property?

If you’re purchasing a home in Panama City Beach and you’re moving from the mainland there are some differences when it comes to the home inspection. It helps to know the maintenance and construction of homes in order to be a more informed home buyer and owner.


Nothing last forever. While this is true no matter where you live, home along the water knows this more than any other. The major components of your house such as the roof, paint, flooring and appliances tend to wear out a little bit quicker when you live on the islands. The salty sea air can corrode things a lot faster than if you lived in the Midwest.

Check the roof. Many roofs are made with asphalt shingles that can be expected to last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. Cement tile coverings can last up to 50 years but they cost twice as much. Make sure your home inspector is well-versed in oceanfront construction, so they are aware of the materials and the lifespan.

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It will also depend on whether or not your home is positioned on the beach or in set back a ways. In wetter locations you may have the issues of flooding or roof leaks so check with neighbors about the weather in your particular neighborhood and if they’ve had any issues with replacements or materials wearing out sooner than they should.

If you’re planning on living here full time it’s good to have a termite inspection about every five years. Some neighborhoods are more susceptible than others and your location could determine a good time interval for you to exterminate the termites.

Beachfront homes are more susceptible to storms and other natural hazards so you want to make sure that your insurance covers any natural disasters, additional flooding, erosion or storms.

Buying a home in Panama City Beach is a little bit different than on the inland. Electricity and power sources can be different and strictly maintained, water is controlled and construction is a little bit different. Understanding these differences can help you be a more informed homeowner.

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