Making the Most of your Condo Renovation Space

So many condominium buildings throughout Panama City Beach, homeowners are bound to make some renovations and changes over the years. If you own a condo and you are looking at renovating it for either yourself or for renting out, here are some easy ways to maximize the most of your space.

Making the Most of your Condo Renovation Space

While most of the condo buildings in Panama City Beach do not allow you to make some major renovations there are simple ways to maximize the space you do have. You can close off windows and use them as a wall or use built-ins and bring out the wall to add more storage space.

To maximize space in the kitchen, take advantage of higher ceilings by extending built-ins up to the ceiling. I space is ideal for storing large boxes and out of season items that don’t need to be accessed on a regular basis.

Storage space is always challenging and condominiums so it helps to find more creative ways of adding space and storage. One way to maximize space and counter space in the kitchen is to have a bar height I went on wheels that it’s over an existing kitchen island so it doesn’t take up additional floor space. When you’re entertaining, you can simply out the additional bar height island to use as a buffet or a place to put food, cocktails or even additional workspace. This can work for a dining room table as well.

If you have a kitchen island or bar, consider choosing stools with lower backs so that they can be tucked under the bar and unobstructed view from the kitchen or take up space into the dining room and living room.

Fold out desks, chairs, and tables can definitely add charm, drama and a lot of additional storage. The point is to figure out exactly what you want and how you can best invest your money on maximizing the space. Custom built-ins, pulling out walls into the storage spaces, and maximizing height to the ceiling can all add more storage and better practicality destroying items and seasonal clothing.

Consider removing closet doors and use the extra alcove as a sitting area or even a space for a desk for an office.

Before making any renovations is important to speak to the builder or condo association to find out what changes can be made. If you are considering buying a new condo you can also check with the builder or the Association.

If you’d like more information on changing or renovating your condo in Panama City Beach call our office. We have connections to most condo associations and may even have contact information for developers or builders in the area.

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