Mistakes to AVOID When Relocating

Mistakes to AVOID When Relocating

Mistakes to AVOID When Relocating

Moving to the Panama City Beach area is a dream come true for many. However, we’d be amiss if we didn’t warn you about the six big mistakes that can be made when relocating. We want your moving experience to be as blissful as possible. To make it so, check out and avoid these common mistakes when relocating.

1. Focusing on What We Gain Instead of What We Lose. Moving is exciting and we tend to only focus on what we will gain by the move and all the “pros” of the new location and situation. However, do not discount how affected you will be emotionally and psychologically by the losses. Make sure you take intentional time to think about what you’ll miss. Examples might be your amazing neighbors or your favorite Chinese restaurant that’s your go to place for comfort food.Mistakes to AVOID When Relocating Additionally, think about what you’re actually willing to give up. When you relocate you’re gaining new stuff and experiences that are great, but maturity makes sure to weigh out if those gains are worth the losses you’ll definitely experience.

2. We Underestimate the Commute. It’s fun to have big property and be out in the country away from it all, but don’t underestimate the toll a commute to get to the necessities of life will take on you. Sometimes a large commute makes you more unhappy than living closer to the things and places you need to be near to.

3. We Waste Time Visiting the New Area and Get Skewed Analysis By It. Often when deciding to move, people visit the new area to “get a sense of what it’s like to live there”. This is not the best idea. It’s impossible to get an accurate depiction of what living in a place will be like with a short term visit. The best way to see if the new area is a good fit for you is by doing research online and calling friends and family in the area. You can also get a good feel of the area and if it’s a good fit for you by talking to an experienced agent.

4. We Overestimate the Raise. If you’re moving because of a job opportunity to make more money. Make sure the money is worth moving away from friends and family and land that you love.¬† You may want to think twice about what will bring you real happiness.

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5. We Trust a Cost of Living Calculator. The big issue with this tool is that it provides information you can’t use. You need to know what city will make you happy not which one will be a certain amount in housing costs. Take two equally expensive cities in complete different parts of the country for example. One could be in the Big Apple and the other on a beach somewhere. You need to think about which culture you’d prefer…a calculator can’t do that for you.

6. We Tend to Overlook Key Research. ¬†Sometimes we get so enthralled with all the perks of a city or location that anything that might appear as good, we explain away, telling ourselves it can’t really be all that bad. School Districts are a good example of how this can happen. You might love everything else about a potential location but have heard the rumors that the schools are horrendous. However, you simply dismiss that idea because you REALLY want to move there. Then, a year into your precious children going to that school district, you’re in a living night mare. DO YOUR RESEARCH! Choosing a location to live can be much like choosing a spouse. Decide what you can and can’t live without and what is an absolute deal breaker. You won’t know exactly what you’re getting into until you do it, but it’s a commitment either way.

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