Renovations to Complete Before Moving Into Your Panama City Beach House – After buying a new home, chances are you will want to make some improvements. Even in a move-in-ready property, there are some things you will want to do to make it home. There are some projects that are easiest to complete before moving in, if possible.

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Plan ahead to tackle these projects before moving in to enjoy an efficient home improvement process. Your Panama City Beach house will feel like home in no time.

Renovations to Complete Before Moving Into Your Panama City Beach House

Removing Popcorn Ceilings

Depending on the age of the property and when it was last renovated, you may be moving in to a home with popcorn ceilings. If you plan to remove the popcorn ceilings, the easiest time to tackle this project is before you move in.

After you bring belongings into the home, the task of scraping ceilings and refinishing them becomes considerably more time consuming. You will need to move everything out of the way or cover it, multiplying the prep work and cleanup time significantly.

Instead, plan to handle the ceilings while the home is empty. Before deciding to do this project yourself, make sure you are not dealing with asbestos in the home by having a team of professionals test it.


If you plan to pain the home, set aside some time to do this before moving things into the house. Much like the popcorn ceiling project, painting requires moving or covering furniture and belongings before handling the project itself. You will save yourself hours or work, or save yourself money because your painters won’t have to do this extra labor.


Are you planning to update any of the flooring in the home? Avoid moving in to any room where you plan to change the flooring until after the project is complete. There is no reason to move things in to the room just to move them back out when you renovate.

Closet Storage

Before bringing your belongings into the home, take a look at all of the closet space and decide if you would like to add any closet storage to it. Adding shelving, clothing racks, or even simple additions like wall hooks will be easiest in an empty closet.

Pest Control

The best time to set up a pest control service is before you move in. Sign up with a service that can come out and spray for pests before moving in. This will benefit you for a couple of reasons. First, it means there will be time to get rid of any pests before bringing your belongings into the home, so that you can be sure you are not putting your things at risk of infestation. Second, pest control sometimes requires the use of chemicals you may prefer to avoid. Letting these chemicals do their job before you move in means avoiding exposure, either through directly being present of by your own belongings potentially coming into contact with the sprays.

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