Visit and Rent Before Buying

The Panama City Beach area is perfect for folks that want a vacation but it’s also great for those that are looking for a condominium investment or some other type of real estate investment. One of the best things about this area is that many of the high-rise resorts and condominium buildings are owned by individuals that rent out the property throughout the year. Because of this, you can actually rent one of their condominiums in a complex or building, learn about the complex or building and then decide if you want to buy a condominium in the same complex. This is perfect for those that are concerned about buying a condominium but want to check out the facilities first. You might even make a week out of it staying at each of the main buildings or resorts along the beach one per night. There’s always condominiums for sale in just about all of these major buildings so finding a condominium to rent is easy as well as properties to buy.

Each resort, complex or building is slightly different and may offer different homeowners association dues, fees and amenities. Some of the utilities is included in the cost of the condominium while others may require separate utilities. These are all things that you can find out and discover for yourself when you stay in rent one of the condominiums in each resort building.

PC Beach does both; we help you find a rental property we also help you find an investment property for purchase. We can answer any questions about the buildings that you may have before you arrive, help you set up your rental and answer any questions you have about the purchase.

For more information about renting a condominium in Panama City Beach before you buy one please give us a call.

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