4 Ways to Decorate Your Beach Home

4 Ways to Decorate Your Beach Home

Living near the beach is a dream for many people across the globe, and while it comes with spectacular views and salty air, oftentimes, homeowners are most excited for all the beach decor that will fill their new home. While you can purchase many different beachy items from big box stores, small boutiques, and online markets, some of the best beach decor items are the ones that you make yourself.

Seashell Mirror4 Ways to Decorate Your Beach Home

Collect seashells along the coast to make a stunning Seashell encased mirror. This is sure to be a statement piece that will bring “oohs and ahhhs.” Find a mirror of your desired shape and size and then use hot glue to glue a border around the mirror, for an extra added pop, stack the shells in multiple layers to give the mirror some dimension, you can also add in a few painted shells in silvers or golds to give the mirror a little bit of pizzazz.

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Driftwood Picture Frames

Similar to the mirror, you can collect pieces of driftwood to glue around the picture frame of your choosing. For the best results, don’t worry about the frame being “perfect” and simply embrace the uneven pieces and fill the frame as much or as little as you would like until your desired look is achieved. If you want to spice up your frame, you can get some twine and wrap a few pieces of driftwood to add some extra texture to the completed project. Nothing screams “beach” more than a driftwood photo frame! Try making multiple frames in different sizes for a picture frame collage.

Wind Chimes

No beach home is complete without a wind chime. It seems like a right of passage to owning a beach home. Toss the generic wind chimes and create your own using the driftwood and shells you find along the coast. Assemble the wind chime using small driftwood pieces as the arms, with seashells tied to the bottom. These can be as small or as large as you would like, ensuring that each chime is truly one of a kind. You’ll need to drill small holes in the shells and driftwood and can use either fishing line or swine to assemble all the pieces until you have a beachy windchime to add to your front porch.

Driftwood Wreath

Wreaths are an easy way to decorate your home and make them feel homey. From Christmas wreaths, to spring, there seems to be a wreath for every occasion, season and holiday, however, a DIY driftwood wreath is the perfect addition to any beach home. Purchase a round wire frame in the sizing of your choice to act as the base of your wreath. By using hot glue or strong adhesive you can begin assembling driftwood pieces to the frame piece by piece until the wreath begins to take shape. You can leave the wreath full with driftwood pieces, wrap some driftwood pieces in twine, add in a few seashells, paint driftwood or shells to add color or shine, seal the driftwood with a gloss sealant, the options are endless!

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