When you decorate your beach house, you likely incorporated many classic coastal elements like blues and greens, natural ocean textures, and light and airy linens. If you plan to enjoy some time at the beach house during the fall, we have some ideas to marry your coastal design with touches of fall charm.

Consider a Non-Traditional Color PaletteDecorating Your Beach House for Fall

The traditional fall color palette, with lots of golds, ambers, reds, and browns, may clash with your current design. No problem! There are plenty of ways to infuse fall shapes and textures into the design without changing your color scheme or clashing with the permanent design.

Consider adding white, green, or muted tones in pumpkins, or even choose something porcelain with metallic accents that will play well off of your existing decor.

Make the space look ready for fall by adding extra throw pillows or blankets in a distinctly cozy texture like a chunky knit, while choosing colors that make sense with your current design.

Find Subtle Ways to Hint of Fall

Not all fall decor has to be visual or obvious. Consider a fall scented candle in a color or candle holder that suits the existing color scheme, or swap out the pitcher and tumblers out on display for mugs and a tea kettle. There are plenty of ways to show a change in season that don’t involve autumn leaves or pumpkins.

If your property is a vacation rental, consider adding a tea or cocoa station with special seasonal mugs in a white and gold color scheme, a subtle nod to fall without clashing with the current aesthetic.

Embrace Muted Fall Tones

Many coastal designs feature muted blues, which pair beautifully with muted golds and ambers. Consider a table scape with your current coastal dishes, adding a distinctly fall centerpiece that complements the colors. Add in a faux floral centerpiece, pumpkins in a variety of colors that include hints of blue, or natural tones from bamboo, wicker, and other textures.

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Remember to Subtract, Not Just Add

When we decorate for a season, it’s important to avoid adding decor without taking any away. Without taking some of the decorative elements away for the season, you will find the home to be cluttered and unpleasant.

Before you decorate, look around to see what elements could be stored for the season. Distinctly coastal items like shells, sea creatures, or ocean scenes can clash a bit with fall elements. For example, if you have a piece of ocean-themed art on the mantle surrounded by seashells, consider temporarily replacing it with artwork that draws in some contrasting fall colors or shares a favorite quote about the season. You can place pumpkins, candles, or other fall elements in the place of the seashells for an entirely new look.

Consider the Lighting

Don’t underestimate the power of lighting to transform a space. One quick way to infuse a cozy, fall atmosphere into your beach house is with gentle lighting through lamps, candles, and nightlights. Any way you can opt-out of bright overhead lighting will add to the comfy autumn vibes in the house. Many designers recommend every room should have no fewer than two lamps to achieve the most comfortable, warm, and inviting feel.

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