According to nationwide surveys, early 80% of Americans hope they can age in place rather than move into an assisted living or retirement community. Aging in place means staying in your own home as your begin to experience limited mobility or other challenges associated with getting older, and it’s no surprise that this is the choice most people would like to make.Prepare Your Home for Aging in Place 2023

However, in order to make aging in place a reality, planning ahead is essential. Choosing the right home and preparing it for aging in place long before you need any accommodation is the best way to go.

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The bathrooms in your home are one of the most important factors that will determine whether aging in place will work. This is where a significant portion of accidents happen for seniors, with slipper floors, tripping hazards, and crowded layouts.

To prepare your home for aging in place, make sure that at least one bathroom features:

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Even if you end up hiring some help for preparing and serving meals, you will want a kitchen that is safe and accessible as you experience mobility issues. Design a kitchen that does not require bending down or climbing a stool to reach necessities, and make sure there is plenty of space to accommodate a wheelchair or walker if necessary.


There are many ways the interior of the home can be updated to accommodate comfortably aging in place. First, make sure that you either choose a single story home or one that has all the necessities on the main floor, including a bedroom and full bathroom. This way, if stairs become a challenge in the future you can choose to live on the main level without needing to complete any major renovations.

Lighting is also essential. Avoid tripping hazards by installing plenty of lighting sources in dark areas of the home, especially hallways and stairwells.

If your home features a step down living area or any split-level design, consider hiring a professional to bring everything up to the same level.


Another common problem area for aging in place is the exterior of the home. Make sure you have at least one wheelchair-accessible entrance, ideally eliminating any significant staircases to the home and walkways that are either too narrow for a walker and wheelchair or are bumpy.

Landscape lighting is another great choice for safety and accessibility. Choose motion-activated lighting to make sure all pathways are well-lit whenever needed. Designing a backyard or patio area that is mobility-friendly is another great way to make sure your home is comfortable for aging in place.

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