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Should We Winterize Our Condo?

While condos may not require as much work as a home, it is still important to winterize before the cold weather hits to prevent any major damage and stress. Taking steps to prepare can also protect the people living in the condos. Should We Winterize Our Condo?

The outside of your condo is just as important as the inside so make sure to check everything. Sidewalks need to be kept ice-free and shoveled to prevent any slips. Gutters should be emptied and repaired as needed to prevent the buildup of ice which will pull down the gutters and threaten anyone walking under the roof. If you live in a building with a flat roof, check that all drainage systems are in working order. You can also install a reflective screen that will help prevent the build up of ice and snow. Both of these steps will keep water from sitting on the roof and causing leaks or mold.  

Outdoor repairs to the windows and doors can keep the heat in and the cold at bay. Make sure to caulk any window and door frames that could let in cold air. Check and clean all heating sources to ensure that they are working properly and won’t cause any fire hazards. If you are worried about air getting in under the door you can buy a draft guard that will insulate the frame and keep cold air out. Indoors you can install some insulating curtains and block up any gaps in the windows.  

Since most people tend to leave for vacation during the winter, winterization needs to happen before you go to keep you from coming home to a disaster. If you will be gone for a long period consider turning off your main water, this will prevent any toilets fridges, or other appliances from leaking. Make sure to de-ice your freezer as well so it doesn’t leak onto the floor. Thermometers should be set to about 60 degrees and open all room doors to let the heat circulate. Unplug any electronics that are not on surge protectors and it may be wise to leave a light on a timer to discourage theft.  

If you are staying through the winter, make sure to put together a box of emergency supplies. The most basic things to put in the box would be a snow shovel, extra water and nonperishable food, extra batteries, and even some blankets are important to have on hand in case something goes wrong. Changing things like your bedding can also help you cut heating costs by keeping you warm during the cold winter nights. 

Though the winter is a time filled with holidays, cuddling up under blankets and the possibility of snow days; it can take a turn for the worse if you aren’t prepared. By following this advice you will become winter ready and ensure that you get to relax and enjoy the season.