Tips for Organizing Small Spaces – One of the keys to loving your home is having a place for everything to belong. Studies show that people who live in organized, decluttered spaces find it easier to relax and enjoy their space. This can be challenging in a small space, whether it is your primary residence or a vacation home. If you find yourself struggling to organize a small space, check out these tips to make yourself more comfortable in your home.

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Tips for Organizing Small SpacesTips for Organizing Small Spaces

Declutter Before Organizing

Before you set out to organize anything, spend some time ruthlessly decluttering the home. This is easiest to do before moving in, but can be done any time. Anything that is not valuable to you for practical or sentimental reasons should not be taking up space in your home, and may even be worth selling or donating so that someone else can use it.

Rather than organizing and decluttering at the same time, get everything that you don’t intend to keep out of your house before you begin the organizing process. This will make the organizing much more efficient, and allow you to quickly take inventory of what is left and understand what storage solutions you might need.

Utilize Vertical Space

While the square footage of your space may feel small, chances are there is vertical space you can utilize to create storage solutions. Look for places that can provide vertical storage like ceiling mounted shelves, hooks on the walls, or over-the-door organization. Much of the time, when a space feels crowded and cluttered, it is because the floor space is taken up with too much furniture, baskets, bins, and belongings. The more you can remove from the floor and store vertically, the more spacious each room will feel.

Look for Multi-Purpose Solutions

As you furnish the home, prioritize multi-purpose furniture and storage purchases. Look for platform beds with storage drawers under them or ottomans and benches that feature storage beneath the seat. The creative solutions available for multi-purpose furniture may surprise you, so spend some time shopping for these creative items to make your home both more beautiful and more functional.

Built in furniture is another great way to efficiently use your small space. By investing in custom built-in furniture, you can design multi-functional, perfectly sized furniture that meets your home’s specific needs. Built-in furniture also increases resale value in many cases, meaning you can rest easy knowing your investment will be worthwhile when it’s time to move on to the next property.

Make Purging Part of Your Seasonal Routine

After doing the hard work to organize your small space, establish seasonal routines to keep up with it. Purging and decluttering should become part of your seasonal routines, taking a weekend a few times a year to make sure you are not holding on to belonging you don’t need. Take time to donate or sell the things that are no longer serving a purpose in your home so you can continue to enjoy it without slowly allowing it to become crowded again.

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