Selling in the fall and winter seem like a long way off but you never know how much time you’ll need and why you may need to move fast.  Job change, relocation, family change or you just found the perfect home, can all determine when you need to sell. And, when you DO need to sell, you probably don’t want to be sitting on the market any longer than you have to.How to Prepare Your Condo or Home Now for a Fall or Winter Sale

We have a solution for that. Prepare now, so that when you do list, it’s a quick sale. So how can you do that?

#1. Take inventory.

Look over all your “stuff” and determine what you can start getting rid of now. Take one section of the house each weekend and clear it out. It won’t seem that daunting when you piece out the house. Looking at every cabinet, closet or storage area can get overwhelming so just take one area at a time. Have a box for each of the three things you’re going to do with it; donate, throw away, or pack for the new house. As you clean out an area it will be vacant and fresh for listing. Only leave things in the space that you plan on using in the next couple months.

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#2. Get a home inspection.

If you can afford it, hire a home inspector to take a look at your house and give you a report as to what should be repaired, replaced, or addressed before listing. Talk to your real estate agent about what projects should be most considered. Somethings may not be that big of a deal and other things should be handled before you list the property. You might be surprised as to what lurks in your home that you had no idea about.

#3. Get a great real estate agent.

You don’t have to find an agent the minute you want to list. Start talking to agents now about the market, how they sell a property and communicate and what they think your home could be worth. Find someone you like, trust, and will do a great job without just giving you what you want to hear.

#4. Start on the landscaping now.

The winter is a tough time to have a beautiful lawn but you can start now by prepping your home’s curb appeal. Add some nitrogen to the lawn to give it a nice, green appearance. Keep it mowed, rake leaves as they fall and maybe consider planting some evergreens to give the yard a well-landscaped appearance. Again, ask your agent when you can be doing now to prep your lawn and landscaping for a winter sale.

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Each home and condo is different so trust your agent and take their advice. There may be a lot of great tips and tricks for your home. Because we have sold hundreds of condos in Panama City Beach, we can help you stage, prep, and price your home from the beginning for a fast sale.

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