Preparing Your Home for an Open House

Enjoying a successful selling experience starts with the support and guidance of the right professionals. Local experts who understand your market and your ideal buyer can help guide you every step of the way. In addition to choosing the right agent, there are some strategies that are tried and true no matter your unique situation. Preparing your home for an open house that leaves a great impression is one of them.

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Check out these tips to get ready for an open house that wows your ideal buyer and sets you up for success.

1. Clear all surfaces

As you prepare the home for an open house, clear all your surfaces of personal belongings. Even though they may not feel like clutter to you, personal belongings left out can distract the buyer from the beautiful home itself.

Before your open house, look for these personal belongings that are commonly left out, and put them away:

2. Set the table

After clearing your dining table of personal belongings, stage it in a way that invites the potential buyers to imagine themselves in the home. Set the table, using your favorite place settings and a subtle centerpiece like a bowl of lemons or fresh plant.

3. Depersonalize the home

Some redecorating might be in your best interest before the open house takes place. Depersonalizing the home will help buyers imagine themselves living there, rather than distracting them with your personal decor and belongings.

Replace personal items with decor that appeals to the general public. Decor and items you may want to remove include:

4. Bring pets with you for the duration of the open house

If you have any pets, make sure to put away their food bowls, toys, beds, litter boxes, and other belongings. In addition to clearing you home of the pet’s belongings, plan to bring them with you when you leave. It is best for all members of the household, including the furry ones, to be out of the home during the entire duration of the open house. Make sure to vacuum any pet hair left behind and allow the home to be just as appealing to potential buyers who are not animal lovers.

5. Don’t forget to deep clean

There is no shortcut to this one. A clean house will always give a better impression. If you don’t have time to deep clean your home leading up to an open house, this is a great time to invest in some professional help. Hiring house cleaners to come a day or two before the open house will be worth every penny.

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