Why Simple Sizing is the New DownsizingHave you considered downsizing, perhaps to lower your housing costs or the maintenance level of your home? Downsizing is a popular solution for those preparing for retirement, wanting to move to a new location, or looking to accommodate lifestyle changes.

There is a new trend in the real estate world, taking downsizing to the next level. It’s called simple sizing. Contact usany time to learn more about simple sizing in Panama City Beach, or keep reading to learn more about this housing trend and how it might transformational for your household.

What is simple sizing?

Simple sizing is a term that has been recently applied to real estate because it describes a category of homebuyers’ motivation to simplify their lives with the home they choose. Much like downsizing, simple sizing involves intentionally choosing a home that will require less resources to maintain.

The difference between downsizing and simple sizing is that the latter takes it a step further. Simple sizing means choosing a home not only based on it be a smaller size and a lower price, but by purposely looking for something that will simplify your life. It is an extension of the minimalist movement that helps homebuyers identify a property that will require less money, yes, but also less time and energy to maintain and accommodate your ideal lifestyle.

Simply put, simple sizing is the process of choosing a home based on which properties will simplify your life the most, based on better storage solutions, lower maintenance levels, fewer bathrooms to clean, a lower mortgage payment, or whatever other criteria will make your life easier.

What are the benefits of simple sizing?

Simple sizing helps you choose a home that aligns with your goals and values, helping you to enjoy your home and never resent it. Homeownership can be burdensome if you choose a property that requires more of your resources than you want to invest in it, including your time, thought, and energy.

The benefits of simple sizing are many, including:

Who should consider simple sizing?

Simple sizing won’t be the right fit for everyone, but there are a few categories of home buyers that could significantly benefit from this strategy.

Young Families

Many young families are looking for ways to free up more time and money in their daily life. Simple sizing is a great way to do this. It might even free up enough resources to allow one parent to move from full time to part time work, or begin to stay home with the kids. If this is a goal of yours, let’s talk about how we can find a home to meet your needs in Panama City Beach.


As you look toward retirement, choosing to simple size in Panama City Beach can be an ideal solution. If you are planning to retire and are looking for a new home for this chapter of your life, intentionally choose a home that will free up as much of your time, energy, and finances to enjoy your retirement years.

Busy People

Most Americans would identify as busy. It’s a part of our culture and a result of our economy to have a full schedule and a long list of responsibilities. If you are looking for ways to offset some of your busy life and the stress it creates, simple sizing might be right for you. It can involve less time with housework and home maintenance, and allow you to free up space in your budget to lower your stress or work toward other financial goals.

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