Edgewater Beach Resort Hosts Premier Cheer Camps

Edgewater Beach Resort Hosts Premier Cheer Camps – Every year the Edgewater Beach Resort hosts one of the premier cheer camps in the south,UCA Summer Camp. This is a repeat destination for cheer camp because of  not only the best cheer program, but also one of the best resorts in one of the most beautiful locations in Florida. Every year the attendees of UCA Summer Cheer Camp give Edgewater great reviews.

Currently the UCA cheer camp is in week two of their summer cheer camp program. They offer three different four day camps at the Edgewater Resort in June and a fourth camp is held in July. Cheerleaders from around the world can come and take classes from some of the biggest names in cheer including some of the top collegiate coaches in the United States.

One day of the camp includes a fun time of cheering in the white sugary sand beach of Panama City Beach. It is a great time for cheerleaders as well as family and friends and other spectators just lucky enough to be vacationing at the same time. Cheering on the beach for the current camp will take place on Sunday June 5.

It is not hard to see why Edgewater is the favorite location to hold cheer camp in Panama City Beach year after year. The Edgewater offers a large number of condos to house thousands of enthusiastic cheerleaders ready to better their skills at this fun to watch sport. Most classes are held in the air conditioned convention/ball/meeting rooms all within a short walking distance of all condo rooms. Each room is fully equipped with a full size kitchen, in unit laundry,plenty of beds, and living space to make camp feel more like a destination getaway vacation. As an added bonus each room has a golf course or beach front view.

During free time camp attendees will never be stuck wondering how they will spend their time instead they may have a hard time deciding upon the many options the Edgewater has to offer. The Edgewater Beach Resort is the only full-service resort in Panama City Beach. There are 11 pools, four jacuzzis, tennis courts, golf course, parasailing, jet skiing,spa, and even a team dedicated to serve you beachside.

Come see why UCA comes back to the amazing Edgewater Beach Resort year after year. For more information on Panama City Beach Condos please feel free to browse our website or contact us directly.

Image By Jeff Hitchcock from Vancouver, BC, Canada – What Fun, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2277632