Forgotten Coast en Plein Air Event

Forgotten Coast en Plein Air Event

Forgotten Coast en Plein Air Event invites artists from all over the world to paint our coastline. Students and artists meet in the parks around Gulf and Franklin County to paint the coastline. Thursday, May 9 is a free hurricane exhibit 6:30 PM at the Joe Center for the arts in Port St. Joe.

There are also painters all along the coast through Sunday, May 12. So if you see someone painting along the shoreline be sure to stop and tell them your own story. These artists are painting the coastline and remembering the forgotten coast of the past before hurricane Michael. You may be even able to buy the paintings directly from the artist right after they’re done.

Forgotten things such as the pier in Mexico beach and even the visitor center are no longer there so looking at past paintings of these areas will be pretty powerful, especially as artists create new images of the changing coastline.

Professional artists are teaming up with high school students spending several hours a day painting with them. These paintings will go into the museum and be on display throughout the week.
The 14th Annual Forgotten Coast en Plein Air is among the world’s most prestigious plein air events. Artistic excellence and the production of investment quality art continues to be the trademark of this 10-day festival.

This year will focus on the natural environment as it recovers from the impact of Hurricane Michael. You can check out the event through May 12.

Many artists have brought paintings from the past to show what the coastline used to look-alike before hurricane Michael.

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