Is It Time to Think About Panama City Beach Again?

Is It Time to Think About Panama City Beach Again?

Is It Time to Think About Panama City Beach Again?After our bout with Hurricane Michael this last season, people are returning to Panama City Beach reluctantly but still positive.

Here’s the thing, many of the hotels, Air B&Bs, and other temporary housing options were filled with emergency personnel, primarily because Mexico Beach had nothing there. So a lot of this emergency personnel were taking up residence and surrounding communities such as Panama City Beach. Now that they are moving out, many of these hotels are seeing a loss of revenue. This is great news for you.

Many homeowners and condominium owners are often great discounts this time of year. It’s still a beautiful, warm, and sunny place to be. Most of the town is already being rebuilt or has been rebuilt. Panama City Beach did not get hit as hard as other places like Mexico Beach, but we still had a little bit of damage. Most of that damage has already been repaired and restaurants are open, shops and attractions are open, and hotels and vacation resorts want you.

This is probably one of the best times to go.

Most of the time, our winters are filled with tourists and it’s pretty crowded around here, but now is a great time to go since not many people are heading out to Florida’s Gulf Coast area. You can enjoy an entire Beach by yourself, listen to the waves, relax in the sunshine, dig your toes into the warm sand and simply enjoy being on the beach.

This is a great opportunity for people in the northern region who are dealing with cold temperatures, freezing rain, slippery roads, and ice. Don’t you deserve to have a warm break? January and February are some of the slowest times and specifically for us now due to everyone else filtering out. I will say this is probably one of the best times to visit Panama City Beach. Restaurants and boutiques are offering discounts and coupons, vacation rentals, hotels and timeshares all have great deals going on right now.

So don’t miss your opportunity to enjoy some of the most fabulous beaches along the Gulf Coast. For rentals or if you’re considering buying a condominium, give us a call. You can have your own vacation home whenever you want it. And enjoy condos and rentals in Panama City Beach.

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