The airport. Most people don’t think twice about the airport but flying into Panama City Beach is somewhat of an adventure.

Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport is Panama City Beach’s national Airport. It is the first international Airport to be built in the US in more than a decade opening on May 23, 2010. Located in West Bay, the airport is closed to Panama City and Panama City Beach and provides the best air service in Northwest Florida. This airport probably serves Delta in the Southwest Airlines as well as numerous other airlines providing daily flights to US destinations and serving as an international gateway.Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport

The most recent news is the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport Board approved a terminal concept for a master plan. This nearly $34 million expansion is needed as passenger activity increases throughout the next 20 years. The master plan began in 2012 with study and research as well as total aircraft operations, airport layout and current facilities. By doing this they can successfully identify future needs as passengers and flight increase. This will also include improvements to the inbound and outbound baggage systems and expanding security checkpoints. Concourses will include additional gates, increased concession areas and several airfield improvements.

Parking and ground transportation is available right at the airport including car rentals, taxi usage and parking facilities. The parking facilities are easy to navigate and with seven different rental car companies on-site as well as shuttle service, you can get to where you’re going quickly and efficiently.

Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport offers the lowest average airfares in the region and is located less than 30 minutes from Panama City Beach. They have direct flights to Atlanta, Baltimore, Houston and Nashville. There consistently adding new carriers and nonstop service destinations every few months so check back if you currently do not have a nonstop flight to your destination or point of departure. Image by Nicolas Henderson Flickr

For more information about our airport please visit the website.