5 Reasons to Love Panama City Beach in the Fall – When you think Panama City Beach, you probably picture Spring Break or summer vacation. Did you know fall is also a perfect time to visit? Here are 5 reasons why 5 Reasons to Love Panama City Beach in the Fall.5 Reasons to Love Panama City Beach in the Fall

5 Reasons to Love Panama City Beach in the Fall

1. Perfect Weather

In the fall, Panama City Beach temperatures cool a bit without getting truly cold. The water remains warm and the sunshine abundant, but that intense heat that drives everyone to the water in the summer fades so you can enjoy more of what Panama City Beach has to offer on land. In the fall, you can expect temperatures to read the mid-80s each day, still perfectly warm for a stroll on the beach, but not hot enough to get you dripping in sweat.

You’ll also enjoy lower humidity in the fall, which results in clear skies, calm waters, and breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. If you’ve never been to Panama City Beach in the fall, you’re in for a treat.

2. Outdoor Dining

Panama City Beach has plenty of great places to dine al fresco, but during the summer many people find the intense sunshine and summer bugs too much to handle. In the fall, however, you can dine outside in that mild weather without any bugs buzzing around.

You will love trying the all the delicious restaurants in Panama City Beach that feature outdoor dining, and even just making dinner at home to enjoy on your own patio.

3. The Perfect Time to Hike

There are so many places to hike and explore in Panama City Beach, but the cooler temps make it much easier to take your time and enjoy the scenery all day long. In the fall, you can explore places like scenic St. Andrews St. Park without dripping in sweat. St. Andrews State Park is a 1,200 acre space where you can explore 5 distinct ecological systems in one protected area. You can hop on a shuttle from the park the Shell Island, where that perfectly mild weather and the sounds of the ocean will make for a peaceful afternoon of collecting shells.

Conservation Park is another great place to spend the day exploring, with 12 trails and a beautiful boardwalk in the beautifully maintained space. Don’t be surprised if you catch sight of an alligator, turtle, or other wildlife while you’re there!

4. Fall Festivals in Panama City Beach

Fall is one of the best times to be in Panama City Beach because of the festivals hosted here each year in September and October. Chasin’ the Sun music festival is a fun outdoor tribute to all your favorite beach music, taking place each September at Panama City Beach’s Aaron Bessant Park Amphitheater.

Also taking place every September is the Lobster Festival and Tournament at Schooners, where you can see and pet huge local lobsters, listen to live music, participate in a sand sculpture contest, and dine on fresh lobster prepared every way you can imagine.

In October, bring the kids to family friendly Pirates of the High Seas Fest, where you will find a scavenger hunt, pirate invasions, a kids parade and main parade, live music, fireworks, and more.

5. Fewer Crowds

One of the best perks of visiting Panama City Beach in the fall is enjoying fewer crowds. Even with all these reasons (and more) to visit in the fall, the biggest crowds will always come during summer vacation while school’s out. This means you can enjoy all your favorite dining, shopping, and entertainment in Panama City Beach with easier parking and shorter lines for everything.

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