Rebuilding Efforts in Panama City Beach

It’s been a little bit over a month since hurricane Michael swept through the Gulf Coast and although Panama City Beach wasn’t hit as hard as Mexico Beach, we are still rebuilding. The Downtown Improvement Board sees a bright future ahead for the Panama City area. Shop owners have been working hard since hurricane to get their stores fully operational and the board is been working with the Community Redevelopment Agency for grants so that businesses that no longer have their names out front can be easily recognized. Now, more than ever, the Downtown Improvement Board is encouraging people to shop small. Focus on your local community, find a local restaurant to help people and do what you can for our own little community.Rebuilding Efforts in Panama City Beach

Wow!, The Internet, cable, and phone company and service provider in the area says that it is working to accelerate the rebuilding of a state-of-the-art network to replace the network lost to hurricane Michael. The company expects to restore services to most homes by the end of the month. Several hundred technicians are currently working hard at the restoration process. Wow! Also recently announced full restoration of service to Panama Beach and Inlet Beach and expects to bring additional customers back online every day in the communities east of Hathaway Bridge.

Habitat for Humanity hopes to restore lives and buildings throughout Panama City Beach and its own Habitat ReStore on US 98, which was severely damaged, has been relocated to its former location on 11th St. They are helping people rebuild and restore their own homes damaged by the hurricane.

A recent article by NWF Daily News is encouraging visitors back to Panama City Beach. Our new marketing plan needs to show people checking in with Beach things because the beach is still here and it’s looking great. The Bay County Tourist Development Counsel has suggested a new $8 million strategic marketing plan for 2019. There’s a three-phase campaign already in the works running from Thanksgiving through the end of the year and will focus on using local voices and online inputs to convey the inspirational message to potential visitors. Beginning in January, there will be TV advertisements, online videos, podcasts, and other social media elements to promote Panama City Beach and encourage visitors to start planning their spring and summer vacations.

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