Did you know that Panama City Beach is one of the top Spring Break destinations in the world?  87% of students overwhelmingly vote Panama City Beach as the number one spring break destination in the world nearly every year. Where are you going to spend spring break? Just because you’re going to take a break from classes, jobs and normal life doesn’t mean you need to take a break from common sense. Here are some great tips to keep in mind this spring break if you’re planning on hanging out in Panama City Beach.

Respect your hotel or resort. Make sure you inspect your hotel room right after you check in and then report any damage immediately. If you have a hotel wristband make sure you keep it on at all times as it can be used as security for guest identification and hotel access.

Know your limits. This means on everything including alcohol and any illegal substances. Make sure you don’t accept any drinks from strangers, carry open containers of alcohol in the street or leave your drink and intended.

Stay hydrated. They can get very hot this time of year which is exactly why you’ve chosen this amazing place but you’ll want to stay hydrated so that you refrain from getting sick, getting heatstroke or even losing your voice.

Stay with friends. It’s always a good idea to hang out with friends and never leave a friend alone with people that you don’t know. Travel together by bus, taxi or public transportation and make sure you ask the proper authorities to escort you home if needed.

Respect the sun. We always want to get tan, especially on vacation but don’t forget to wear sunscreen not only for protection now but in the future as well. The sun is most intense during midday so make sure that when you’re on the beach you have the right level of sunscreen for the length of time that you’re going to be on the beach.

Remember water and beach safety. Don’t swim in the ocean at night because most of the time there will not be a lifeguard on duty. You need to follow all beach patrol warnings and pay attention to posted markers that could warn you about dangerous areas of the beach.

Don’t forget to have fun but it helps to run over these tips in your mind so that you are safe during your vacation.