Tips for Staying in a Vacation Rental

Tips for Staying in a Vacation Rental

Vacation homes and condos can be a fun alternative accommodation for your relaxing getaway. Vacation rentals offer larger accommodations with a homier feel. They are a great way for families or large groups to vacation together and enjoy their own privacy and space at the same time. Here are some good tips to keep in mind for your vacation rental stay.Tips for Staying in a Vacation Rental

Before Your Stay Be Sure to Read the ENTIRE contract.

Going on vacation is exciting and finding the perfect rental with all the wanted amenities in the perfect location can be equally as exciting but don’t jump the gun in your excitement and sign the contract before you read it. Know what you are signing and what is expected of you as a renter.  The following areas of a contract are important and should get careful attention:

  • -deposit and payment
  • -pets
  • -maximum occupancy
  • -utilities
  • – Telephone, Internet and cable service
  • -cleaning
  • -use of outside and common areas
  • -parking
  • -cleaning

Get a List of What is Inside the Home

Know what is inside the home and available for rental use. Here are some things to ask about if they are not stated in the rental agreement.

  • -beach chairs and grills
  • -linens such as bath and beach towels
  • -dishes and cooking equipment
  • -kitchen appliances both large and small: is there a dishwasher, coffee maker, blender, etc.
  • -number and size of beds and rooms

Many vacation rentals are used by the owner at some time during the year. There may be a locked room, garage, shed, or storage closet that is locked and off-limits to renters. Don’t get curious and attempt to pick or break the lock.

Know the Deposit Conditions

Be sure to know what the rental agreement says about your deposit. Is it refundable or does it get included into the price of the rental? What conditions need to be met before you get your refundable deposit back? Some rentals require that the house be in excellent clean condition, the keys returned, and all regular payments made before your money is refunded. Know this before your trip so there is no stress after when the home is left untidy or final payment has yet to be made.

Ask About the Cleaning Policy

Not everyone’s idea of clean is the same. If you are required to clean the rental in order to receive your deposit what exactly is the owner looking for? Ask for a checklist of cleaning tasks they would like performed upon your departure. Maybe the rental owner already has a cleaning service that comes through a couple of times a week or even daily it would be good to know these details.

Know Who to Contact

Should an emergency situation arise and the rental is in need of immediate repairs know who to call for maintenance on the rental.

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Leave the Rental Better than you found it

Take pictures or video of the condition of the home when you arrive and again when you leave. This will help in any miscommunication about the condition of the home. This doesn’t always happen but it is not uncommon either. Be respectful of the home you are using as it is someone else’s many times the owner uses the home for their own vacations. Having proof that you left the home in great condition will also aid in getting a full deposit back.

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