Groupon is a great website to find deals, coupons and discounts on things you are planning anyway or as a great resource to plan your vacation in Panama City Beach. You can always check the website for deals but here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing a Groupon for your next Panama City Beach adventure.

You can’t use the Groupon the same day as you buy it. So keep that in mind when looking through different excursions and adventures. You won’t be able to use your coupon the same day that you buy it. It has to be used at least 24 hours later.

Hotels may seem like a good idea but make sure that your hotel is available before you buy the Groupon.  If you already have your dates in mind, your discount might not cover those dates. However, you can always call the hotel and ask if they will give you the Groupon rates for the dates requested as long as it’s not one of their peak season times such as spring break.

That also brings up the tip to call the activity or location directly to find out if they would give you the Groupon rate without going through the website. Most of the time these discounts are already slashed in half and then the company has to pay Groupon a fee just to be on the website. By getting the Groupon rate directly from the source, you’re actually saving the company money, and they can still give you a good discount.

Plan your activities in advance. If you’re planning on coming to Panama City Beach next week, you might not be able to get all of your Groupon activities in. A lot of these companies will set specific times and dates for the Groupon deal that might be different than if you paid full price for the activity. The key is to check with the company before you buy the deal to make sure that your dates and times are covered.

There are a lot of unique activities throughout Panama City Beach that you can buy it at a great discount from Groupon such as scuba diving adventures, mini golf, rollerskating packages, video game arcade packages, snorkeling and dolphin tours, tickets for the discovery Center which is great for locals as well, fishing trips and of course, food and drink coupons.

Use these tips the next time you’re planning a trip to Panama City Beach and you could save hundreds on all of your activities, hotels and dining out.

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