Best Groupon Events in Panama City Beach

Groupon always has some great things going on but remember, you usually cannot by the Groupon and use it in the same day. Here are some of the most fabulous events to be sure to get it Groupon for.

Guided Reef Tours – Diving, scuba diving and snorkeling is a popular past time and tourist activity since we have some of the most beautiful, crystal green water and amazing fish around. You can always choose a Groupon for this event and save at least half if not more.

Science and Discovery Center – this is a great place to visit for the entire family and there’s always Groupons happening. You can also check with the center for other special deals throughout the year. Most of these discounts will expire hundred and 80 days after the purchase and they can only be repurchased every 90 days.

Parasailing – Companies like Wet-N-Wild and similar parasailing companies will offer discounts of up to 50% off. This is a beautiful way to view the entire Panama City and Panama City Beach area from a high above the crystal green waters.

Flyboard experience – This is all the crazy right now. This unique 60 minute experience is for one or two at Hydro powered water sports. Soar above our beautiful bay in your own jet powered/waterpowered jet pack. It is so much fun and you can usually find discounts of up to 50% or around $60 per experience.

Water aircraft flight adventure – sort through the sky at up to 1000 feet aboard an FAA certified pilot operated watercraft. Prices start at about $120 and you can usually find a discount or Groupon available.

Gulf Cruises – This is a wonderful way to experience a romantic cruise along the waterfront. These cruises are available for two or four and usually started about $45 for the discount. Many of these cruises also, with champagne toasts and/or dinner.

One thing also to remember, many places will have to pay Groupon at least half the cost of the actual event so often times you can simply call the company and ask if they will give you the Groupon price instead of actually buying one. This will save the company more money.