Best Place to Fish in Bay County Without a Boat

Fishing in Panama City Beach are some of the most unique activities around but, chartering a fishing boat are paying for one of the fishing charters in the area can be quite expensive. Sometimes you just want to throw your line in the water and see what happens. If you’re looking to fish off of docks or piers around Bay County are some of the best spots.Best Place to Fish in Bay County Without a Boat

Panama City Marina. The Marina is a great place to fish for man grow snapper, grouper, Spanish mackerel and others. The snapper is a great fish to catch and eat. Use a lightweight, just enough to keep the hook steady and fish down the piling or seawall.

St. Andrews Marina. Located in the St. Andrews State Park, the Marina is great for catfish and flounder. It’s perfect for casting and retrieving. You want to use a weighted jig hook in either a rubber plastic worm or grub. Flounder must be at least 12 inches long in order to keep them.

West Beach Drive. This is a great location for catching Redfish, trout and flounder. However, in order to get these fish, you actually need to wait in to the water. It doesn’t require any special equipment except for a pair of shoes you don’t mind getting wet or waiting boots. You’ll need a spinning rod, hook and basic bait.

Russell Fields city pier in Panama City Beach. You want to fish for King mackerel, Spanish mackerel, sailfish, redfish and tarpon. The macro are a hard biting fish in the require a tougher rig. There are usually a lot of fishermen at the pier but there’s no need for a week. Cast out your bait and try to make the minnow look like an injured fish as you real it in. If you decide to catch mackerel it needs to be at least 24 inches to keep.

Fishing in Panama City Beach and Bay County is a great way to pass the time at a fun activity for the whole family. Grab your rod and reel and spend some time out on the water.