Club La Vela is located just off Thomas Drive on the waterfront at Panama City Beach. With nightly entertainment, pool deck, events and venues, music, parties and more, this is the place to be different endless nightlife.

Club La Vela Offers the Rock Arena and is a multilevel live music room featuring some of America’s hottest bands on two stages. The Thunder Dome is the central hub of the club’s various steam rooms. This multilevel club offers expansive balconies, elevated catwalks and an impressive sound system. Entertainment is at its finest of this amazing venue. There’s custom LED lights, a huge 4K 3-D map projection, trust mounted cryogenics that release freezing cold CO2 at the push of a button, dropping the room temperature by over 40° in just 30 seconds. This one-of-a-kind architecture and unique design make the Club La Vela  and extremely popular place until 4:00 AM every night.

The club also offers a pool deck at the epicenter for daytime entertainment. This lagoon shaped pool  opens at 10:00 AM and operates all day and night until the venue closes. It overlooks the white sandy beaches of the Gulf of Mexico.

The Penthouse VIP lounges located in the upstairs area of the thunder down. This VIP room features unique sitting and modern to court overlooking the main clubroom. It offers its own dance floor with direct access to other VIP rooms throughout the club.

The Night Gallery and Underground are located downstairs of the thunder down and this venue draws locals and tourists alike. This cutting edge then you offers professionally programmed lighting, urban beats, dance space and everyone is welcome.

Club La Vela  also features the Dark Room, an alternative techno dance area. This self-contained two-story room features its own entrances and restrooms and serves as a teen club during the  summer as well as spring break events.

The Prive Offers a progressive and electric dance studio with plush surroundings, animal print and erotic wall art. This is a well seasoned VIP entertainment lounge.

For the ultimate in entertainment, music venue, dance and partying, you have to check out the Club La Vela.  With so many rooms, dance venues and party spots, there’s something for everyone in this fantastic location.