5 Tips for Upgrading Your Home OfficeWorking from home is one of the major perks of technology, and many people are using the chance to take their careers remote as a way to live in their ideal location. Panama City Beach is more than just a top vacation destination; it’s also the perfect place to relocate with your remote job.

We have 5 tips for how to upgrade your home office to be more productive, helping you to thrive in your career while living in your ideal location.

1. A Designated Space

Whether you buy a home with a designated office or not, you need a designated space when upgrading your home office. If you don’t have a room to dedicate as your home office, identify a place that can be your consistent work area, such as a corner of your bedroom or even a kitchen bar area. A few things to look for in this space are:

2. Background

If your job involves any video calls, upgrading your home office needs to include a mindfulness of your background. Avoid backgrounds that include unprofessional parts of your home like your bed, kitchen, or a mess of any kind.

The best backgrounds are:

You also want to avoid major backlighting, which makes visibility on a video call almost impossible. Incorporating layers of lighting is an excellent tool when upgrading your home office, so that you can cater lighting to your mood and workload for the day. Consider placing lamps in multiple places around the workspace and having window coverings that offer more options than simply dark or light.

3. Office Furniture

Upgrading your home office must include good office furniture. A quality desk, an ergonomically designed chair, and thoughtfully designed organizational solutions are all essential. By making your work space comfortable and attractive, you will feel more professional and be more happy to spend your day in the space.

4. Divide a Room

If you find that you are distracted by your partner, roommate, or children in the home, or you would simply like some privacy, consider upgrading your home office by incorporating a room divider.

A few ways to do this in a design-conscious way are:

5. Personalize Your Space

Just like you would in your cubicle or company office, personalize your work space with design elements and photos that motivate you. Upgrading your home office should always include things that make you happy and remind you of your “why,” like motivational quotes, pictures of pets or family, or aspirational art.

One of the best perks of working from home is being able to make the space your own without being concerned about office protocol. Do what makes you feel happy, focused, and motivated. This might mean moving your dog bed near to your desk, adding an essential oil diffuser or scented candle to your desk, or setting up a coffee maker in the home office space.

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