Maximizing Space in a Small Airbnb

Maximizing Space in a Small Airbnb – Buying a short term rental property in Panama City Beach is one of the best investments you can make, with a steady, high demand for vacation rentals in the area. One way to maximize your investment is to purchase a small property, and then to design it efficiently to earn a higher nightly rental rate.

If you are not sure how to do that, we have some tips to get you started.

Avoid Clutter

One of the fastest ways to make a small space look smaller is clutter. Be mindful of the space you have, taking care to leave empty space to avoid a cramped, crowded atmosphere.

This includes both functional space and visual space. Some types of clutter to avoid are:

Fewer Pieces of Furniture

Similar to the issue of clutter, having too many pieces of furniture can give a crowded look. Instead of lots of small pieces of furniture, focus on a few larger statement pieces that provide both design value and obvious function.

Any time a large piece of furniture can replace the need for two or three smaller items, you will almost always end up saving physical space while also contributing to a more streamlined and functional look.

Folding Furniture

Especially useful in small kitchens, folding furniture is one way to provide your guests with options. They may or may not need extra seating or a dining table, so folding TV trays, chairs, or countertops are a simple way to save space while providing prep and dining space for your guests if they want it.

Some guests may prefer to order in or dine out, and will appreciate the extra space supplied by the folding furniture that is tucked away.


Daybeds are a comfortable and practical alternative to pull-out beds. If you want to cater to large groups, opting for a daybed instead of a sofa in the living space will allow you to offer the property for more people without adding a bedroom.

Many daybeds feature drawers or some other storage element, another perk in a small space.

Hidden Storage

Any furniture that can offer hidden storage is a good idea in a petite rental. Consider an ottoman with a storage compartment in lieu of a coffee table, or a wall of hooks and shelves where you might otherwise hang a piece of art.

Natural Light

Don’t underestimate the power of natural light to open up a space. Make sure the window coverings in your property maximize the natural light by replacing dark blinds or shutters with more light and airy curtains.


Mirrors are another way to make a house feel more open and spacious. They trick your mind into thinking a space extends further than it does, subconsciously making you feel less crowded. Some ideal places to hang a mirror include:

Open Doorways

If the property has any doors the could be removed without compromising necessary privacy, consider removing them in favor of an open doorway. This is an affordable, simple way to renovate the space, giving it a more open concept without knocking down any walls or spending a pretty penny.

To begin looking for your ideal income property in Panama City Beach, you will need the right real estate team on your side. Contact us any time to find out why our team of professionals is right for the job.

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