Why You Should Make Sure Your Panama City Beach Rental is PhotogenicThere are a multitude of strategies you can employ to make your short term beach rental in Panama City Beach more profitable. Successful vacation rental owners lean on multiple strategies to win with this type of investment. One of the strategies that you may be overlooking is making your property photogenic.

In this digital marketing era, a property that photographs well is essential for attracting guests, setting expectations accurately, and securing word-of-mouth advertising.

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Not sure why or how to make your rental more photogenic? We can help.

Why should a beach rental be photogenic?

A vacation rental that photographs well is going to be much easier to market. When you have good lighting, on trend design, and beautiful photos, your listing will stand out from the dozens of other Panama City Beach vacation choices.

Most people make their choice about where to stay based first on basic criteria like the number of people who can sleep there and the price. After that, it’s all about your online listing photos and whether they capture someone’s attention.

Even if your rental is conveniently located, well priced, and totally awesome inside, it might struggle to compete with comparable properties that simply look better in a photo. Don’t miss out one the full potential of your investment property by neglecting to put its best foot forward online.

Another perk of having a photogenic vacation rental is the natural advertising that takes place. When your property photographs well, your guests will be more likely to post about it online and capture the attention of their friends, who will likely ask for a recommendation for where to stay next time they visit Panama City Beach.

How can I make my beach rental more photogenic?

If you are realizing your vacation rental in Panama City Beach is currently not very photogenic, don’t worry. There are some simple things you can do to make its beauty translate better into photos, and you can redo any listing photos you have to boost the appeal of your online listing.

1. Play to your strengths

Not every property is going to boast an ocean view or trendy architecture, and that’s okay. Consider what the strengths of your property are and set them up to be well photographed. Maybe the sunset shines through the windows just beautifully, and you can take some photos during that time. Perhaps the kitchen is newly renovated, and that could be showcased in the online listing. Remember what drew you to invest in this particular property and make sure those features are displayed in the photos.

2. Focus on good lighting

Bad lighting is the enemy of good photos. Even if you have every other component of a great shot, poor lighting can ruin it. Make sure you are allowing in as much natural light as possible, including trimming any landscaping that is making the interior of the property dark. You can also feature a blend of artificial light sources to create options, including both overhead and lamplight.

3. Remember that less is more

When it comes to design, in many cases less is more. This is particularly true for a vacation rental because your guests will bringing lots of their own belongings with them. Stick to a clean, minimal design aesthetic that will not appear cluttered in photos. Avoid decorating with lots of small knick-knacks and collections, which can end up distracting from the strength of the property in photos. There are many tips to help stage your rental, both for photos and for guests.

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