Should I Buy an Interior or Exterior Condo

As you shop for a condo in Panama City Beach, you’ll be met with different styles of condo buildings.

How can you choose which is best for you?

Keep reading for factors to keep in mind as you decide between and interior or exterior condo.

What is an Interior Condo?

An interior condo is a residence that is located in a condo building, where the entrances to each residence open to an interior hallway or entryway.

In this case, there may be a doorman or locked door with coded access. Entrance may also be accessed by enclosed staircase, keyed-entry elevator, or private garage or parking structure.

What is an Exterior Condo?

An exterior condo has an entrance that opens to the outdoors, such as a porch or sidewalk. Upper units in an exterior entrance condo building may be accessed by hallway, elevator, or staircase, but these will be open air structures.

Pros of an Interior Condo

As you decide between an interior or exterior condo, consider some of the pros of an interior condo:

Cons of an Interior Condo

Some of the potential cons of an interior condo are:

Pros of an Exterior Condo

As you decide between an interior or exterior condo, consider some of the pros of an exterior condo:

Cons of an Exterior Condo

Some of the potential drawbacks of an exterior entry condo are:

What’s Better: Interior or Exterior Condo?

There is no simple answer for you as you consider whether you want to but an interior or exterior condo in Panama City Beach. Consider the lifestyle you’d like to live, the level of privacy and security you are looking for, and what your personal style and budget are.

Panama City Beach is filled with excellent condo communities, whether you decide to look for an interior or exterior condo. You’ll find oceanfront buildings, budget-friendly options, high end communities with luxury amenities, and more.

When you are ready to begin the hunt for the ideal Panama City Beach condo, contact us! We are ready to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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