Low Maintenance Landscaping for Your Panama City Beach Vacation Rental

Low Maintenance Landscaping for Your Panama City Beach Vacation Rental – One of the keys to success with a vacation rental investment is making it as low maintenance as possible. The less time and money you have to spend in ongoing maintenance, the more your investment can become a source of passive income for you.

It’s no secret that Panama City Beach is a great place to own a vacation rental. Year after year, Panama City Beach see a strong demand for vacation rentals all year long, with a particularly lucrative Spring Break and Summer season. If you are interested in learning more about investing in Panama City Beach real estate or are ready to begin the search for your ideal property, contact us any time.

To strategize the best ways to make your vacation rental efficient to manage, consider these ideas for low maintenance landscaping at your Panama City Beach vacation rental.

Low Maintenance Landscaping for Your Panama City Beach Vacation Rental

1. Choose native plants

A common mistake people make when planning their landscape design is forgetting the native landscaping altogether. The plants that are most likely to thrive with the least care are those that are native to the area. If you are hiring a landscape architect to plan your exterior, make sure they know you want to prioritize native plant life that is low maintenance and easy to care for. If you are doing the design yourself, spend some time observing what grows naturally in the area and talking with local nurseries to choose plants that will be naturally content in this setting.

2. Consider artificial turf in lieu of a lawn

If the property has a lawn area, consider replacing it with artificial turf. There are many high quality turf options that look and feel like a beautiful lawn, but require almost no upkeep. While the investment will be higher upfront, you will not have to worry about hiring a lawn care service, dealing with sprinkler maintenance and the expense of watering, or seasonal fertilizing and other maintenance. Artificial turf is an extremely low maintenance alternative to a natural lawn.

3. Opt out of water features

Water features can be beautiful, but they are anything but low maintenance. If your landscaping has a pond, water fountain, or other water feature, it will quickly represent significant expense and maintenance. Water needs to be carefully treated and maintained to avoid nasty bacteria or becoming home to millions of mosquitos. Depending on the type of water feature, it may also represent additional liability (i.e. insurance expense) to you as the vacation rental owner. Replace water features with lower maintenance items that provide a similar look without the expense or risk.

4. Increase the patio space

Patios and decks require very little maintenance, especially when compared to lawns or garden beds. Consider investing in expanding the patio space, which will double as a way to attract guests and a way to minimize outdoor maintenance.

5. Choose no-water ground cover

If there is a part of the property that requires ground cover, consider a no-water option. While plants can make a beautiful ground cover, they will cost you to water them, and you will likely need to pay a lawn care company to manage them, too.

Consider other ground cover alternatives, like rocks, bark, sand, decomposed granite, or pavers. Even if it requires a bit more investment upfront, you can relax knowing there is no ongoing maintenance to be considered.

When you are ready to begin the search for your ideal investment property in Panama City Beach, contact us.

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