How to Stock Your Vacation Rental

How to Stock Your Vacation Rental – Panama City Beach is a one of the best places to invest in a short term vacation rental. With a steady demand all year long, many investors see ideal occupancy rates throughout the year. While there are definitely busy seasons, there is no true off season in Panama City Beach because the weather is always mild.

Once you find your ideal Panama City Beach property to list as a vacation rental, it’s time to make sure the rental is fully equipped to offer your guests a comfortable stay. Providing everything they need to enjoy their visit is essential for earning consistently high praise; those 5 star reviews are what keep your business strong.

Not sure where to start? Check out this list of things you need to stock your vacation rental. We’ve included both the basic essentials and some extras, because those extra touches are often what will wow your guests and earn you that coveted glowing review.

How to Stock Your Vacation Rental


Many guests choose a short term vacation rental over a hotel because of the kitchen. Whether it’s a way to save money, accommodate food allergies, or feel more at home, having a kitchen can be a major perk for your guests. This also means a kitchen that is lacking in supplies your guests expected to use can be frustrating.

Make sure you offer your guests a fully equipped kitchen by including:

Living Room

Make sure your living room is set up for the utmost comfort of your guest, supplying it with:


Your property’s bedroom is not the place to skimp on supplies. Make sure each guest has the opportunity to enjoy a great night’s sleep by supplying:


Make sure your bathrooms are stocked with:

Outdoor Space

If your rental includes an outdoor space, make it one that is worth posting about, extending the usable living space of the property. In Panama City Beach, it simply makes sense to set up your outdoor space to be enjoyed all year long.

Consider stocking it with:

If you have never owned a vacation rental before, getting started can be a bit daunting. We have tips to help and can connect you with resources!

Want to begin the search for a vacation rental in Panama City Beach? We can help! Contact us any time.

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