Hiking Trails and Walks Near Panama City Beach

Hiking Trails and Walks Near Panama City Beach

Hiking Trails and Walks Near Panama City Beach

Hiking Trails and Walks Near Panama City BeachThere are numerous parks, hiking trail systems and things to do outside around Panama City Beach. If you’re looking for outdoor recreation, some of the most popular parks along the Gulf Coast are close to Panama City and Panama City Beach. St. Andrews State Park is one of the largest parks in the area located right along the beautiful sandy beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. This former military reservation has over 1 1/2 miles of beaches popular for sports enthusiasts, swimmers, scuba divers and voters. With two nature trails that wind through a diverse coastal plant community, this is an excellent place to lose yourself in nature, bird watch, or simply sunbathe on the beach. There are numerous boat to ours, camping options, overnight facilities and concessions available at this particular park.

But, St. Andrews is not the only park or trail system throughout Panama City Beach. This area is known for its beaches and plenty of interpretive trails that lead you to and from the beach, throughout the Everglades, and are ideal for backpacking or simply a day hike.

Frank Brown Park is also a popular recreational complex located within the city limits of Panama City Beach. There’s an aquatic center, sports fields, and numerous biking and hiking trails. Park entry is free but the aquatic center charges a nominal fee. This park is open daily and offers a series of public lands crossed by Gayle’s Trails. St. Andrews Park is located at the Lower Grand Lagoon just south of downtown Panama City Beach. It provides numerous water activities, hiking and biking trails as well as interpretive centers and information kiosks. It’s probably the closest trail opportunity to downtown Panama City Beach.

Gayle’s Trails  offers nearly 20 miles of trails and biking systems throughout Panama City Beach. This network of trails starts from a central trailhead at the Frank Brown Park and provides three different routes along forested corridors between the trailheads. Fees and permits are free and parking is along the trailhead kiosk.

A little further south is the Pine Flatwoods Trail which is a little less than a mile and requires state park entrance fee at the St. Andrews Park. This is a low to moderate trail but dogs are not permitted, so leave your four-legged friend at home but bring your binoculars as there are many sightseeing opportunities.

Conservation Park Green Trail is located a few minutes north of downtown Panama City Beach and is a gem located in plain sight behind the commercial district along US 98. This 2200 acre preserve offers numerous trails and is perfect for kids, bicycles, or leisurely stroll. There are no fees or permits required. The park is open sunrise to sunset with nearly 11 miles of trail systems and dogs are permitted as long as they are leashed.

If you need to get out of the hustle and bustle of downtown Panama City Beach or simply away from the beach, then you’ll have to check out these amazing trail systems. St. Andrews has one of the best in the area followed by Gayle’s Trails. 

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