Making the Most of your Condo Renovation Space

So many condominium buildings throughout Panama City Beach, homeowners are bound to make some renovations and changes over the years. If you own a condo and you are looking at renovating it for either yourself or for renting out, here are some easy ways to maximize the most of your space. Making the Most of […]

What is a Warrantable Condo?

Even though buying a condominium is a lot like purchasing a single-family home there are differences when it comes to lending practices. Not only do lenders look at your credit worthiness but the health of the entire complex or development into which you’re buying. Most homebuyers use conforming mortgage financing when purchasing a condominium. This […]

HOA Rules that Most Don’t Know About

HOA Rules that Most Don't Know About

When you purchase a condominium in a particular complex or building you will have to follow by that building’s rules and association but many people don’t understand a lot of the rules and the rulebook that comes with the purchase of a condo can be several inches thick. If you’re really concerned about what’s in […]

Best Condo Buying Advice from Buyers and Agents

Panama City Beach Condos

Buying a condominium is different than a single-family house, especially if you plan on a vacation condominium or second home. Because we specialize in Panama City Beach condominiums we want our buyers to be fully aware of the process and steps involved in buying a condo. After years of research and experience here’s probably some […]

5 Ways to Help Pick the Right Condo for You

Whether it’s just you or your entire family buying a condominium, you want the right one. Maybe your daughter once a swimming pool; maybe your son wants and arcade; maybe you just want a quiet place to relax. Whatever your needs are, finding that right condominium does take a little bit of research, but, I […]