5 Popular Renovations for Condo Rentals

5 Popular Renovations for Condo Rentals in Panama City Beach Florida – If you’re planning on updating your investment rental property there are some things that have more value than others. Here are some quick tips for some of the best and most popular renovations for rental condos.

#1. Full facelift for the kitchen.

The kitchen is really the heart of the home and most renters and vacationers want to see that that kitchen is updated, fresh and spacious. You might consider replacing the countertops, painting or refinishing the cabinets and installing new hardware or fixtures.

#2. Upgrade lighting.

No matter how amazing your home is, if the lighting is poor it just won’t do it justice. Make sure you have light, bright, and an open environment and lots of natural light through windows and doorways if possible. Keep lighting warm and comfortable highlighting different areas of the room.

#3. Updated bathrooms.

Especially for beachfront condominiums, the bathroom becomes the hub for changing, freshening up, and a collection for all of the wet towels and bathing suits. Make sure the bathroom is perfectly coordinated for this reason. Have lots of towel racks, bins for wet clothes, and yet a warm and comfortable space to change and bathe.

#4. Durable flooring.

Most condominiums in Panama City Beach have tile floors, hardwood could be an option. Check with your condo association rules on replacing flooring in individual units. There may be rules and restrictions to what you can use. Updated tile, beautiful hardwoods or even laminate floors can be very attractive and add a whole new style and ambience to the condo.

#5. Proper storage.

Especially for a condo on the beach, you’ll need storage space for floaty’s, snorkeling gear, beach chairs and anything else you might want to haul out to the beach. Make sure there’s plenty of space for storage, lots of closet space for towels and blankets, and have an ideal spot to hang up used items to dry or air out.

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