Owning a Panama City Beach house is a dream come true, allowing you to enjoy the vacation lifestyle full time or maximize on your investment by listing it as a vacation rental. To protect your investment and the longevity of the property, make sure you are prepared for regular home maintenance. Here are some beach house maintenance tips to get you started.

1. Prevent Mold and Mildew10 Easy Beach House Maintenance Tips

One of the best things you can do for your beach house is prevent problems before they happen. Mildew and mold are common in Panama City Beach homes because of the moisture in the air. One of the easiest ways to prevent mold and mildew from growing in the first place is keeping the home regularly aired out.

Install fans in bathrooms and ceilings to increase air circulation and avoid buildup of moisture from showers, cooking, and other sources of humidity. Encourage airflow by leaving windows and screened doors opened when possible.

You can also prevent mold and mildew growth by having your roof professionally cleaned on a regular basis. The investment is minimal compared to mold remediation; your future self will thank you.

2. Pest Control

A great way to keep your beach home pleasant and comfortable is to invest in professional pest control. Look for a pest control company that offers quarterly preventative pest control measures, as well as as needed services to control pest populations in the home.

3. Power Washing

One of the best ways to protect your beach home from damage over time is regular power washing. Twice a year, or more frequently as needed, power wash the exterior to remove buildup from sand, salt, mold, and moss.

4. Metals

Metals are well suited to the sandy, salty air near the beach. Untreated metals that are not coated are likely to rust quickly in a beach environment. Whenever possible, consider metal alternatives like fiberglass, or opt for stainless steel, aluminum, or powder coated metal. Painting metal parts can offer an additional level of protection.

5. Exterior Paint

Sun, sand, and salt can all be quite harsh on exterior paint, even if it is the highest quality. Regularly check the exterior paint for blistering, chipping, and fading, and plan ahead by budgeting for more frequent repainting than you may be used to with a home that isn’t located by the beach.

6. Wood

Similarly to exterior paint, wood that is outside can be quickly and easily damaged if it is unprotected. Decks, wood siding, and wooden furniture should all be treated to weatherproof them and extend their lifetime.

7. Window Washing

Salt can be harsh on windows, creating a foggy film. Don’t limit how much you or your guests can enjoy ocean views or abundant Florida sunshine by forgetting to keep your windows clean.

8. Deep Clean Floors

Even the most careful beach goers are likely to track some sand in the house. Over time, the buildup of sand can damage the home, particularly the flooring. Sand that is lodged in carpet or acting as an abrasive floor sander on your hardwood floors can build up into a major issue over time. To avoid this, make sure your floors are getting a regular deep clean.


Having a functioning air conditioning system is a must in Florida. Keep your HVAC in tip top shape by replacing your HVAC filters regularly, as frequently as every 3 months if they are looking dirty, but at least every 6 months. They may require changing more frequently than you are used to because of the sand and fine particles in the beach air.

10. Sun Bleaching

The Florida sun is powerful, and many new Florida residents are surprised at just how quickly outdoor items like patio furniture and umbrellas can fade or degrade with the intense sunlight. To protect your outdoor belongings, consider investing in weatherproof materials from the beginning. It is not recommended to cover your items, as moisture is likely to build up and cause mold or mildew.

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