Should We Invest in a Panama City Beach Condo?

Condos are all the rage in Panama City Beach Florida. There are condos lining Front Street and Beach Avenue, large complexes, smaller buildings, and a variety of sizes, styles, and amenities to choose from. It’s no secret that Panama City Beach is ideal for condominiums and vacation rentals but is a vacation rental or condo investment a good idea for you? Here are some points to consider when deciding on investing in a Panama City Beach condominium, either for vacation purposes, rental or even as full-time occupancy.

Low maintenance.

Low maintenance is usually one of the top reasons people invest in a condominium, especially over a single-family house. Maintenance is usually included in association fees and while this may be an additional fee on top of a mortgage, you won’t have to worry about replacing siding, painting the building, or fixing the roof. All of these features are included in your association dues and you might have amenities and perks such as a community swimming pool, tennis courts, or other activities.


Just like we stated above, amenities are another good reason that people choose a condominium. You don’t have to take care of the swimming pool, clean the tennis courts, or replace exercise equipment in fitness centers. All of that is included with your association fees. This also may be a good draw for potential vacationers. If you purchase a condominium with a lot of amenities, the decision to rent out that condo for vacationers and tourists, they may be more inclined to choose your condominium over one that doesn’t have as many amenities. You can also charge more for the condo to because of those amenities. The downside is that usually, the association fee is a little bit more expensive because of all the upkeep of the amenities.


Condominiums and townhouses are generally less expensive than a single-family house, however, that’s not necessarily true. Larger penthouse-style condominiums can definitely far exceed the cost of a similar single-family home, but for a typical 1500 ft.² condominium, you’re likely to pay less than a single-family house where you own everything including the land and the structure itself.


Most condo buildings in Panama City Beach have a variety of security firewalls, so to speak. They may have secure lobbies, code entrance doors, and security elevators only used by folks that live or vacation in the property. This does at a level of security to the property. Plus, many of these condo buildings will have subterranean or underground parking that may be within a key card secure gated entrance.

Rules and regulations.

While this might seem like a bad thing, and there are typically more rules to follow as a condo owner, these rules can preserve your investment property’s value. Condo rules can be more stringent than similar properties that are not considered a condominium but it might also help to deter unwanted activity that can lead to property depreciation.

Desirable location.

Most condominium buildings, especially those in Panama City Beach, are located in areas where single-family and multifamily rentals are in short supply. This means that condos will have more options and there will be more choices for potential vacationers. Most of the condominiums in Panama City Beach sit right on the beach, giving beach access and private beach amenities for residents and their guests.

There are a lot of reasons to invest in a Panama City Beach condo. However, there can be drawbacks. Higher association and monthly fees, stricter regulations, and limited customizations can be a drawback, however too many people choosing a second home or vacation condo in Panama City Beach, those are definitely not drawbacks to hinder them.

If you are interested in purchasing a Panama City Beach condominium for investment purposes, a rental, or as your primary residency, contact our office below or browse listings at any time. You can browse rentals or condos for sale on our website for free.

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