“Do not include a stupid letter with stupid family photos of your buyers showing off how cute they look. The seller has no problem selling this house to ugly people. If you must include buyer photos and for the love take a cute picture of their bank account balance and credit score. Agent has financial interest in the property.”

Not really the real estate remarks you expect but in today’s market, there are so many of these letters going around, that there actually creating the adverse effect.Personal Love Letters to Sellers Aren't Cutting It Right Now

A personal real estate letter has always been somewhat controversial. Some buyers love it, some sellers love it, and some agents insist upon it but it’s not always the dealbreaker or the item that gets the house sold.

What is a personal letter?

In competitive markets, some agents and even buyers, insist on creating a personal letter for the seller specifically telling them how much they love the property, certain aspects of the home or the property, or even including photos of themselves loving the properties smiling, and with their friends and family. While this might appeal to some sellers, it doesn’t always pull the heartstrings of everyone.

We recently sold the house to a lady that had just lost her husband. They received seven offers in the first few days, all of which except for one it came with a personal letter. The owner was so distraught over losing her husband that she couldn’t imagine reading letters of happy families that loved her home. She simply wanted the best offer with the best terms… The end.

In this case, a personal letter certainly did not help their cause. But you never know what will. This is why I think one of the most important things in negotiations and helping buyers get what they want is communication with the seller and the listing agent. It’s important to understand why the owner is selling. If you appeal to their needs, terms, and their price, they’re more likely to be considerate and accept your offer. This isn’t always the case, but when you know that the buyer is more concerned about helping the seller get exactly what they want, they might be more inclined to accept that offer.

The key is having a buyer’s agent that is willing to negotiate, communicate, and help the buyer get exactly what they want so it is a win/win for everyone.

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