Design Trends to Avoid When Renovating Rentals – Periodically renovating and updating rental properties can be very beneficial. For instance, it can draw a larger pool of buyers and allow you to align your rent prices with the top of the market. Most renters prefer to live in buildings that are well kept and up to date so they will be willing to pay higher rentIf a landlord decides to renovate a property though, there are some home-style trends they will want to steer clear of.  Installing trends that are fleeting will make a building quickly feel outdated. They don’t want to get stuck with having to update again in just a few years’ time. Design Trends to Avoid When Renovating Rentals

Here are some design trends to avoid when renovating rentals 

At one point a few years ago everyone had to have a granite countertop. Granite counters are still considered stylish, but with the rate at which they hit the market for demand in just a few more years, they are going to be a thing of the past. There are many other stylish alternatives that will work just as well for a rental if not better.  

For example, there are many high-quality laminates on the market today in colors that would have some people thinking it is natural stone. Laminate is low maintenance as well, there is no yearly cleaning and re-sealing required. A much better choice for a rental property 

White does make a room feel light and airy and a lot bigger, but it also shows dirt and grime. Unless all-white rooms are kept very clean they look very dirty. There are probably quite a few of us that would say we do not make sure every area of our home is spotless, especially the bathroom and kitchen which take more time. All-white kitchens and bathrooms are popular and modern but they are not practical to install, especially in a place where the people using the property do not own it. Instead, stay with light-colored neutrals that will stand the test of time and grime. 

Yes, there are many renters out there who are more interested in renting from a building/company/landlord/organization that is environmentally conscious. There are ways to go overboard and end up not getting any return on your investment for a very long time. So instead of installing those solar panels, rainwater collection units, composting trash compactors, and recycled building materials, start with a few budget-wise smaller upgrades. Use paint without volatile organic compounds, light bulbs and fixtures with energy star labels, and maybe even a smart thermostat to start.  

Once you have done these things make sure to communicate that you did in rental listings. It will bring in more interest. 

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Yes, wallpaper is making a resurgence, especially high-end fancy wallpaper. Unless you are running a high-end luxury rental it just might not fit. When wallpaper is once again discovered as a pain to change out it will no longer be a trend. So skip the fancy wallpaper and stick with paint. Most renters prefer walls to have a fresh coat of neutral paint on them anyway so that they have more freedom to bring their own style into the space.   When it comes to updating rentals the best rule of thumb is to keep it very simple and very neutral in color.  

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